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Liechtenstein – a country I have only read about in Childcraft Encyclopedia when I was eight years old.  Volume 10, Places to Know was my favorite that I kept going back to as a kid, out of the 15 volume set.  Fast foward 33 years and I stepped foot into the place I once dreamed of visiting “one day”.  It had seemed like that day had come when I decided to embark on a day trip to Vaduz, Liechtenstein’s capital, from Zurich, Switzerland.

I book all my tours through Viator when I go somewhere.  I have used them for the first time when I first traveled to Europe many years ago and I’ve used them since then.  I have had no problems as far as pick up and drop off locations, instructions, trip proper, length of tour, pricing, tour guide and the likes.  I have always had a pleasant experience.

The day trip to Heidiland and Liechtenstein was very smooth and pleasant.  It was quite therapeutic just being surrounded by breathtaking views of the Swiss alps as we explored the country.  It was calming to the senses.  We passed through Rapperswil, a small Swiss municipality and had lunch there.  The place showcased an amazing view of Lake Zurich, medieval houses and rose gardens.

Moving on to our journey, we finally arrived in the capital city of Vaduz.  What can I say…I learned Liechtenstein has the world’s lowest unemployment rate, low taxes, high literacy rate, world’s third highest GDP per capita and a tax haven for the rich!  The country does not have its own currency and uses the Swiss Francs.  The closest airport is the Zurich airport or the smaller regional St. Gallen Airport.  We have ventured the city proper in just a few hours with stops at Kunstmuseum and the Liechtenstein Postal Museum.

One notable item in my journey was the Vaduz castle, home to the Prince of Liechtenstein.  The castle has become a symbol of the country and was quite visible upon entering the municipality.  It was also towering over the city center and can be seen from the streets.  It was told that if the flag is up, it meant the prince is home.  There were no tours to the castle and I have also not been able to figure out how to get up there!  I left with a souvenir fridge magnet, which I do collect.  I find the country quite interesting as I can feel the small size of it for being a first time visitor.  There was something to the environment and the social atmosphere that made me feel like I was in a small village where everyone is so akin to its own identity.

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