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Travel | Konstanz

A three-day trip to Zurich got my friend and I randomly checking out neighboring towns to go to; and as a trip to Lucerne would have been too long and too costly, we embarked on a short and random trip to the German Swiss border, Konstanz located in the southwest corner of Germany.

Konstanz was a small town and seemed very quiet.  We had no expectations or itinerary when we got there – via an hour bus ride from Zurich.  We spent most of our time in the Markstatte, the old townsquare.  I went into a camera store with a full display of Leica cameras!  Had I been needing another camera, I would have bought one.  What a good way to buy a camera in its country of origin minus my tax-free status and it it’s justified!  However, with my trusty X100T and Canon 5D Mark III in tow, I don’t think I would have had any room for another gadget in my carry on bag, as heavy as it already was!

I enjoyed our trip to Konstanz although I must admit we didn’t see much of it due to timing!  Our time was mostly spent shopping for kitchen ware!  It sounds boring but I enjoyed it in particular because I discovered the German porcelain brand Kahla, with its colorful array of stoneware Pronto collection.  I have a weakness for anything dinnerware or flatware/silverware.  It’s the first thing I notice in restaurants and I enjoy buying different types of flatware with beautiful designs and good ergonomics.  A few items of note, with Switzerland being so expensive, we hauled bags of groceries from Konstanz to bring back to our hotel!  We also had to exchange a few Francs for Euros while in the German soil.

Germans are also very pet-friendly, taking their four-legged companions everywhere even inside the malls and cafes, which I find very interesting…and their breads and pastries are to die for!

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